The choice of organic

Our breakfast


A healthy and sustainable wake-up call

At the heart of our Bed & Breakfast, the day begins with a deep commitment to health and sustainability. We have chosen to offer our guests a unique breakfast experience inspired by our passion for the environment and personal well-being. Our philosophy is reflected in three distinctive breakfast options: standard, gluten-free, and vegan, all prepared with organic and, when possible, 0-mile ingredients sourced from businesses in our area.

An Organic Dawn

Our commitment goes beyond the mere selection of organic ingredients and products.

We strive to support local farmers and reduce our environmental impact by offering our guests a breakfast composed of produce grown without pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

We create a connection between the land and the table, ensuring that every bite is an experience of freshness and purity.

Gluten-free, but with taste

We respect individual dietary needs and offer a gluten-free breakfast that never sacrifices taste.

Our guests can enjoy a wide range of treats, from sweet to savory, all gluten-free.

We strive to provide an option that not only meets dietary restrictions, but also delights the palate with authentic and nutritious flavors.

Vegan with a heart

The vegan choice is not just a response to dietary needs, but a tribute to our commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

Our vegan breakfast is a celebration of fresh, innovative plant-based flavors.

From nutrient-rich smoothies to desserts without the use of animal ingredients, we are committed to offering delicious options that respect animals and the environment.

The choice of organic breakfasts

Beyond the plate

Our dedication to wellness goes beyond the plate. We provide detailed information about the ingredients used, encourage food awareness, and strive to create a welcoming atmosphere where every guest feels understood and appreciated. We strive to make choosing a healthy and sustainable breakfast not just an option, but a delicious daily reality.

Ultimately, our organic, gluten-free and vegan breakfast offerings reflect our commitment to individual health and environmental sustainability. We want every guest at our Bed & Breakfast to start their day with a smile, knowing that their choice not only supports their well-being, but also the health of our planet.