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Federica and Marco

Marco and his wife Federica both have other occupations. However, they have decided to make their dream come true and started this new activity, moved by the love for the territory where they live, together with passion for everything which is eco-friendly.

About the territory of Trieste they will tell you stories and suggest itineraries, either you would like to visit the center of the city or discover the Carso main attractions.


Raute/Coloncovez, Trieste 20th Century

The Country House “Le Lavandere” is placed in the neighbourhood of Raute/Coloncovez (in Slovenian Rovte/Kolonkovec), once considered the “garden of Trieste”, and still today characterized by fruit trees, olive trees and vegetable gardens.

In this area of the suburb of Trieste, historically inhabited by the Slovenian population and characterized by many streams of water, the job of the laundress was a very common craft among local women. It let them contribute to the family economy by rounding the incomes (usually meager) of the men jobs, often occupied in constructions and agriculture.

The laundresses walked down to the city to get the linen of the clients on Monday and took it back with the characteristic bundles on Thursday or Friday, after having it boiled and washed with the so called “liscia”, rinsed in the “caluse” of the streams and dried on the branches of the trees.

The pre-existing house, a sandstone cottage, was built at the end of the 19th century by the master mason Valentin Daneu called Tinko, on an area inherited from the mother. He went to live here with his wife Giovanna (“Vanza”) and their many daughters (local people called them “tinkoke” which means daughters of Tinko). Vanza, as did her mother before her, was a laundress and taoguht the craft to her daughters. All the sisters, even if in different moments, helped their mother in the laundress craft and some of them continued by themselves.

Therefore the house was immediately equipped with a wide area as washing room and Tinko himself, together with his job as a mason, specialized himself in the reparation of the vats and all the tools necessary to the job of the laundresses, at the point that also other laundresses of the neighborhood often got their vats repaired by Tinko.

Some of the daughters stopped with this activity when they left the house to get married, other on the contrary continued also after marriage in their new houses as long as the introduction of washing machines stopped this ancient craft.

The laundresses where the sisters: Maria (“Ik’za”), Ivanka, Antonia (“Tonza”), Giustina, Giuseppina (“Pep’ka”), Emilia (“Milka”) and Paolina.