Good Sleeping


Ikca (pron. “Icza”)

Dedicated to the eldest sister Marija (called “Ikca”, pron. “Icza”), this room is furnished in a modern style with different shades of blue that highlight the original front door of the old house, now hung on the wall. It has a mini external fenced garden for those who travel with their four-legged friends.

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Justina (pron. “Giustina”)

Among all the sisters, Giustina was the one who loved more the mountains; that’s why this room has been furnished in a rustic alpine style. The furniture was salvaged from the old house. On the wall you can see the wooden skis that belonged to his son-in-law.

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Milka (pron. “Milca”)

The room is located where Emilia’s bedroom, known as Milka, was located in the old house. The current room, a bit more spacious than the others, is decorated in a glamorous style, with original furniture from the old house. The single sofa bed, is well suited for families with two children.

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Pavlina (pron. “Paulina”)

1930s style for the room named after the youngest of the sisters. The furniture and chandelier, as well as the frame of the bathroom mirror, are original to the period, and were salvaged from the old house.

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Pepka (pron. “Pepca”)

Josefa called Pepka, but also Pina, was a seamstress in addition to being a laundress. The room is decorated in soft hues between yellow and greenish hues that echo the fabrics. Wooden shoemaker’s forms that belonged to Pepka’s husband complete the decor.

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All rooms include…

Comfort mattresses
Hair dryer
Air conditioning
Possibility of additional bed

where possible